I am sure that we can all easily implement these tips and you will see only a few adjustments or changes will we feel and see each other very well.

1. Use accessories

Many times our clothes can be quite simple and classic. We may not even be an expert in combination with colors or prints and that’s fine. One way you can lift an outfit, give it your stamp and personal style, is through the accessories. You can wear all in the rule of 1 (a necklace, a ring, a watch, a bracelet) or have an accessory that is the protagonist of your outfits, such as a maxi necklace, a handkerchief or a pin. 

2. The earrings are inevitable

Even if sometimes we are not in the mood to wear many accessories, there is one that is inevitable, the earrings. Since I was a child, I feel that leaving home without earrings is like going out without brushing my teeth or that I am missing something essential. For tastes, many options, but some classic pearls or rings do not have lost!

3. Basic Basics: The Black Sack

One of the main basis of the wardrobe is the black jacket. No matter what outfit or style we are wearing. If it is casual, formal, elegant, etc., a black jacket will give that touch of style to anyone, even with jeans. Get one that suits your silhouette very well.

4. Wear the right underwear.

Since I was a child, I was taught the importance of always wearing well-maintained and in perfect condition. But now that is not the only important thing. Many times, wearing inappropriate underwear can spoil a fabulous outfit and not make us look and feel comfortable enough during the day. The ideal? As for colors, the one that is closest to our skin tone. Comfortable, simple underwear, that does not get us an extra “roll” that we may not even have, that puts everything in its place and that is not noticeable. That is the objective of the underwear in skin tones, which does not matter the color or the type of fabric of the clothes that we wear, seems invisible, but there it is.

An extra tip, if you want even more comfort avoid micro garments. Not only are they not good for your body, but they are not comfortable. Save those pieces for special occasions.  

5. Apply equilibrium theory

Very simple to apply. If I squeeze down, let’s say with a tube skirt or tight pants, on the top we use something looser. On the contrary, if above we use something tighter, above we release it a little. Balance is the key. Tight + tight = Call attention and not be comfortable.

6. Invest in the basics

Not necessarily “brand” things are better, but quality things usually have a higher price. Do not spend, we invest in those functional, basic garments of good quality that will last us not one, but several seasons. Believe me, it’s worth it. The best time is always to take advantage of discounts in stores. Do not get carried away by the .99 of a “SALE” sign, really think its functionality over time.

I hope you can start implementing these style tips and not everything has to be in a radical change. They are small changes that we can gradually incorporate into our routine and lifestyle.

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