Find inspirations to choose the perfect Wedding Dress Singapore for you! Stay on top of the main trends and be sure to get inspired by the best references for your wedding. Check out the best tips for wedding dresses, plus know all the trends for the year with the most beautiful wedding dresses in the world!

The wedding dress is the favorite detail to choose from, and maybe it is the main concern of brides, after all this will be the costume used on the most important day of your life! To help in choosing the perfect dress model for your wedding, check out several tips and inspirations for you to choose your wedding dress! And do not forget to check also some tips to choose the accessories of the bride.

2018 Dress Models

2018 arrived with wonderful trends for Wedding Dress Singapore. Proof of this was the dresses of the New Bride’s 2018 collection, inspired by the delicacy of butterflies.

You can bet on:

·        Transparencies

·        Princess dresses

·        Removable skirts

·        Overlapping lace

·        Colorful lining (tones of nude and blush)

·        Embroidery of all kinds 

How to choose the perfect wedding dress?

Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most remarkable moments of the wedding preparations, and certainly the most loved choice for the novenas! And as we are talking about the most important item of the great day, the choice of dress should be made very carefully to avoid unwanted disappointments. But calm down! Check out below quick and indispensable tips for choosing your Wedding Dress Singapore!

Search a lot!

Start researching and getting inspired by models of wedding dresses that you know you like. It is important to know the main news and trends for brides, as well as knowing which model of dress is perfect for your body. After choosing some dress options, keep an open mind for suggestions and new models of wedding dresses. In the store you will find many dresses, so do not make the final choice yet.

When to buy the wedding dress?

Set a very generous time for you to choose the dress calmly. It is very important for several reasons to hire the wedding dress in advance, so to choose the wedding dress we suggest at least six months before the wedding.

Which wedding dress to buy?

Before going to the dress shop, decide whether to buy a ready-made dress model or a tailored wedding dress. There are specialized professionals for each type of service, so it’s interesting to start the search around.

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