The desire for beauty is peculiar to each woman. The days when the clothes bore only protective functions have long been left behind. Today, it also has a significant aesthetic value, as it is able to adorn a woman, emphasize all her virtues and conceal her weaknesses, attract attention to herself.

Women’s clothing is an excellent way to stand out and show their individuality. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to similar products from designers and fashion designers around the world. One can hardly find a woman who would not want to look stylish, fashionable, beautiful and spend a minimum of money. Buying goods from the manufacturer is the best opportunity to buy a lot of things and save money.

Modern women’s clothing from the manufacturer, such as the one created by Svetlana Zotova, is a benchmark of excellent quality, style and sophistication. Today it is easy to find the most diverse products. Any woman (even with the most demanding requests) will be able to choose an outfit that will emphasize the main advantages of her figure.

Not only various shops, but also ordinary women now prefer to buy things in bulk, as modern women’s clothing wholesale from the manufacturer has many advantages. These include the following:

substantial savings. This is probably one of the most important advantages. The absence of various intermediaries leads to the fact that the purchased products cost women much cheaper than in a regular store. Also, do not forget about the possibility of various discounts, and sometimes installments;

quality assurance. In addition, it is worth remembering that the purchase of products directly from the manufacturer, if necessary, makes it much easier to control their quality;

possibility of return if the item did not fit in size.

Women have always been considered the most fastidious and demanding customers. And first of all it refers to the choice of clothes. After all, any modern lady wants to look irresistible and emphasize her individuality. Now, each new modern collection is not just beautiful outfits, but also good fabrics and accessories, an excellent cut, which favorably emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, quality control, reasonable prices for any customer.

Tailoring: advantages and disadvantages

We have long been used to buying ready-made clothes in clothing stores or special departments in large department stores and supermarkets. We are not always satisfied with the quality or size, and the more appropriate price. And it was not like that – sewing tailor made clothes was a standard. Is it worth it yet?

Tailoring was once the only one, and later only a very popular way to dress. The situation changed when the process was largely automated and mechanized. Huge sewing workshops began to displace tailoring workshops from the market. To this day they are faster, more effective – they can produce up to several dozens of shirts or trousers within an hour! The pace imposed in the clothing factories forces some employees to cut quality in their employees and producers. Did you get in the shop for “babola” with a badly stitched seam or a badly sewn tag? These are only minor consequences of mass production.

Today, more and more women are directing their steps to tailor shops, where he orders the sewing of a dream dress or a suit. Are you wondering this option? We took a look at its advantages and disadvantages. Check and make a decision!

Advantage 1. To size, i.e. under you

Tailoring, as the name suggests, is the production of clothing tailored to the individual dimensions of the model-client. The use of a “normalized” dimension by clothing manufacturers does not go hand in hand with adapting it to different silhouette patterns. The blouse in your size stands out here or there, and the pockets in the pants are too sewn up.

In the case of tailored clothing, a seamstress takes care of properly measured and cut, then sewn clothing. This is a very good solution especially for women with unusual body structure.

Faulty 1. Dressmaker like a hairdresser

Finding a good hairdresser who gets along with us and our hair is a way through the thorns. Similarly with a seamstress. We will not be able to entrust the execution of the project to any professional. It concerns the effectiveness of communication, understanding of our vision (and proper suggestion of changes and directions – in the end she is a specialist), but also her approach to cooperation with the client and fulfilling her wishes. There are “artists” who in the middle of the order, with the second try, present us with a completely new (and already sewn!) Concept. They order inappropriate materials, buy the fabric in the wrong color. We pay for all this, and any adjustments extend the lead time.

Advantage 2. Clothes according to our design

We have a fantasy that neither a stationary store nor even the internet can satisfy! And this is rare in modern times. With the help of a dressmaker, we will realize our vision.

Defect 2. Material and technological limitations

Not every project can be put into practice and from a vision to a material realization. Many small tailoring studios, having to take into account the costs, do not invest in the latest technologies, which are sometimes necessary to manufacture and finish certain elements included in the order. If a dressmaker cooperates with other companies, there is always a chance to outsource such works to someone from outside (but it will also affect the price), otherwise there is no way to finish the project.

Likewise, matters are with suppliers and access to materials and haberdashery. A given seamstress can have a contract signed with a worse-stocked wholesaler. There is no access to the kind of fabric that you would like to sew on your jacket.

Many designers and noteworthy tailors will meet at trade events and design fairs (photo: Fashion Meeting Pop Up Store Wroclaw)

Advantage 3. Precision and workmanship

A good seamstress has a job in hand, and what is the result? Quality! They can only envy clothing clothes. Every detail is pampered. This is due to the fact that the tailor worker must devote your time, and by sewing one thing for a client, he can afford precision. In the end, it is his showcase – unlike anonymous seamstresses with powerful factories, he signs his name and surname under each sewn creation.

Defect 3. Time

Unfortunately, the tailor’s workshop is not a clothing store. You will not come in here and leave with a specific thing. Unfortunately, this is a convenience reserved only for  ready-to-wear . Handmade is connected with having to get through the whole process: from design, gathering dimensions, selecting and ordering materials … Then a series of fittings, corrections, often through changes in the prototype. It may take several days to even a month! Everything depends on the complexity of our vision, the availability of materials and the season.

Once sewing was one of the basic skills that women acquired during education. The situation changed when the growing clothing companies and mass production came to the fore

Advantage and defect 4. Price

The price of tailored clothing can be considered as a disadvantage and advantage at the same time. I must admit that sewing a t-shirt or a pair of trousers can sometimes cost us much more than a ready-made couple on the store shelf.

On the other hand, let’s look at the real costs. If you believe the calculations published in the media, massively sewn trousers in production cost only a few dollars. The whole process: producer-realtors-you are multiplication of costs. Everyone adds their margin, plus taxes, transport costs, and sales points. Everyone wants to get a plus, or at least – in a worse period – at zero. Therefore, the product reaches us several times, and sometimes a few dozen, overstated, not necessarily adequate to quality.

Clothes made to order, created for you and with your full supervision over the production process, represent a completely different value. First of all, you know what you pay for: quality, individualized approach to the customer and the luxury of having hand-made clothes made to order.

Sometimes the final price of our “copy” is much lower than the original from the brand store.

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