Become an expert with these tips and learn how to wash, iron and store this type of clothing yourself, without having to take them to the dry cleaners.

Garments such as dresses, embroidered fabrics or leather jackets require a special form of maintenance to keep them in the best conditions. I will share with you some of these tips on clothing care.

Leather Clothes

  • Hang these garments on hooks that match the shoulder width, so you will avoid marking the leather.
  • Before storing the garment in the closet, it is advisable to ventilate it for a few hours.
  • If you use antibacterial spray on the fabric of the inner lining of the garment, you can remove any smell it has and keep it clean.
  • If you have any stains, remember to remove it before storing it.
  • Avoid piling up this type of clothing inside the closet. If you have a closet or a dressing room without doors, you can store it in a non-nylon fabric cover to prevent fungus formation.
  • Remember to moisturize the leather with a silicone product. Before doing it for the first time, verify that the product is suitable for leather and do a test in a place that is not visible to avoid ruining the garment.

Suede clothing

  • If the garment got wet, check that there are no spots or marks left.
  • Clean the garment with specific products, such as erasers that are sold in leather goods or shoe repair shops.
  • Never wet your suede clothes.

Party clothes

Dresses and evening clothes are usually very delicate. Having no daily use, it is important to fold and store that type of clothing well to avoid deterioration in the closet.

Before storing the garment, verify that it does not need cleaning or small arrangements such as touch-ups in embroidery or placement of a sequin that has fallen.

  • Take special care in washing. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Iron the garment with the temperature indicated for this type of fabric, never hotter, because it could be ruined forever.
  • Iron the embroideries only upside down and with a barely damp cloth. If you have appliques such as sequins, earrings or stones, avoid that area with the iron.
  • Store the garment in a cloth or nylon sheath to prevent embroidery from snagging.
  • If the garment is going to hang and has no strips to hang, take a moment to put some very thin strips of tape so that it does not slip from the hooks.
  • Always put the garment inside out to fold or hang it.

What do you think of these tricks for the care of your delicate clothes? If you have your own tips, we invite you to share them in the comments.

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