Although we have the wardrobe up, sometimes it is an impossible mission to get the most out of it. 

When we talk about clothes we apply a motto valid for many other fields: “it is not about quantity, but about quality”. To have some basic ones to turn to and from them create new looks. They are the famous basic garments, which make a closet bottom capable of carving on any occasion.

Combining clothes is not a simple task and is the same challenge for both men and women. Many times, even if we have a closet full of clothes, we don’t know how to play with clothes, for fear of not combining well or achieving an outdated “outlook”, out of fashion. Reading fashion publications, following trends in advertisements, series, movies … and applying certain basic rules when dressing you can create the most appropriate looks.

Basic garments

It is essential to have classic jeans (without being worn or broken), a pair of elegant shoes, another pair more sporty, a black dress pants and a white shirt.


Do not combine prints: if you use a printed garment the other must be plain. Neither do striped garments match those of paintings, nor combine two striped garments of different sets because they are different drawings that will not match.


White clothes can be combined with any color, but it is better to accompany them with strong or dark colors to give strength to the look.

Two dark clothes? Better than not! Although the black goes with everything does not stick much with the brown or the blue. If you wear dark, try to make one of the garments a little lighter and if not, enhance the set with a colored accessory such as a handkerchief or necklace.

Brown calls the brown of other shades and pastel colors like stick pink or green tones.

Blue marries very well with white and gray. It also looks great with dark red.

Colors, fabrics, and styles

Although the colors combine well, it is not necessary to mix thick winter clothes with light summer materials. The mix of styles is risky, although it is also true that now hipsters have made it more fashionable than ever. Combining a pantsuit with sneakers is the most chic, but you have to be careful with the choice.


It is very easy to screw up choosing the color of the socks. Whites do not work for any occasion: you just have to wear them if we are going to practice sports or if the shoes we wear are white. Other men think that to match the color of the sock they must combine it with the tone of the shoe. Error! Socks always have to match the pants, not the shoes.

Bags and shoes

Try to combine wallets and shoes; You can’t use a brown wallet and black shoes.

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